The New Town




“If you have not been to Tallinn for years you will scarcely be able to recognize some places. The town has been rapidly growing in width and height, according to the master plan drawn up for 20 – 25 years ahead. During the 35 years of Soviet power the former small town with a population of 176 thousand, which had been severely suffering from perpetual economic crises in the years of the bourgeois rule, has developed into a flourishing socialist city with 425,000 inhabitants. From the former total area of dwelling houses of 2,430,00 sq. m only 1,264,000 sq. m were left after the war. At present, the total floor-space of the apartments has grown to 6,500,00 sq. m, which makes 15.5 sq. m per resident.”

– G. German, Tallinn, Eesti Raamat, Tallinn, 1978

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  • Nanne

    So beautiful, great pictures!

    • Tomas Alexandersson

      Glad you like it.