Street life in a big city. In the background, Tallinns Writers’ House with bookstore and the art café



“So, we reached Harju Street, where Kuninga turns into Niguliste Street. Kuninga Street ends at the Writer’s House were the editorial board of the literary magazine “Looming” (creation), the Writer’s Union office and one of the city’s best bookstore is. In the same house Café Pegasus is located, where many of the country’s top writers and artists usually meet. But in recent years many of them have not had time to write any new books, instead they been busy with political meetings and writing debate articles. Several famous writers also live here at the back of this house, among them Nobel Price nominee Jaan Kross and his wife (children book author) Ellen Niit.”

– A. Küng, Tallinn – En personlig vägvisare, Sellin & Blomquist AB Stockholm, 1990

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