View of the fortification towers from Stalingrad Square



“From Stalingrad Square (formerly Tornide – “Towers” – Square) opens a splendid view of the old part of the town and on the town fortifications in particular. Though the towers seen in the wall were mentioned in a list of towers compiled at the end of the 14th century, their present shape dates from the 15th century, when the town fortifications were adapted to the use of fire-arm. The dislocation of the towers is densest in this action of the fortification. The towers are up to 28 m high and 8-10 m in diameter: the wall are ab. 3 m thick at the base and one metre on the uppermost – defensive – floor.”

– E. Ederberg, U. Kammal, A. Ristkok, Tallinn, Eesti Riiklik Kirjastus, Tallinn, 1958

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