There are more than 50 cafés, large and small in Tallinn





“One cannot grasp the atmosphere of the city without visiting the famous Tallinn Kohviks. A Kohvik is something more than a place were one can have a cup of coffee. A Kohvik is where friends and business acquaintances meet. A Kohvik is where you have a date with your girl-friend. A Kohvik is where you take your friends on your birthday or where you come to celebrate a jubilee. A Kohvik is where school leavers gather after their final exams. Kohviks are part of Tallinn’s everyday life. Tallinn has more than 50 cafés, large, medium-sized and very small ones. Each is cozy and attractive in its own way, each has its own speciality and its own customers. Artist and actors prefer the café at their own club to any other place. Journalists are attached to the Kohvik in Press Centre. Young people frequent the Pegasus and the Moskva. In summer, the Tuliak, the Pirita and other located near the sea-front become particularly popular.”

– T. Tomberg, Photo Guide Tallinn, Planeta Publishers, Moscow, 1982 (Photographs by V. Salmre)

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