Viru hotel, one of Tallinns many new foreigner hotels



“Tallinn has become a modern big city. Therefore be careful with prostitutes, black-market currency, pickpockets and common thieves who gather at the foreigner hotels and often collaborate. Hotels:

  • Kungla, Kreutzwaldi 23.
  • Olümpia, Kingissepa 33: Built by Finns in 1980 for the yachting regatta of the summer Olympic Games. It’s the city’s tallest building with 28 floors, with beds for 800 guests. Furthermore, there are bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, currency exchange office and other services. Please enjoy the view from grill bar on the 26th floor.
  • Palace, Vabaduse Väljak 3: Renovated by the Finns and reopened in autumn 1989. Bars, restaurant, pizzeria and casino. Good service for businessmen and others, for example is guiding, interpreting, secretarial and car rental services available. Suites with sauna and a beautiful view over the Freedom Square and Toompea.
  • Sport,  Pirita sports center: Restaurant and bar. 632 beds. The sailing sports center includes an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, medical clinic and post office.
  • Hotel Tallinn, Toompuiestee 27: The oldest foreigner hotel from Soviet Union. Renovated in winter 1990.
  • Toome, Rataskaevu 7: Guest hotel for the Council of Ministers. Cozy with old-fashioned room.
  • Viru, Viru Väljak 4: Built by Finns and was completed in 1972. 22 floors with an excellent restaurant at the top. Bars, souvenir shops, slot machines, money exchange office, flower stalls, hairdresser and other services. Messy atmosphere here with many drunk tourists: avoid Friday to Sunday.”
– A. Küng, Tallinn – En personlig vägvisare, Sellin & Blomquist Förlag AB Stockholm, 1990

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