The Turist Foreign Currency Shop



“A Large Variety of beautiful souvenirs. A wide assortment of genuine Estonian souvenirs is available at The Turist Shop, 17 Tartu Road. Articles of Estonian handicraft – souvenirs of leather, metal, wood, and porcelain, applied art objects by the ARS Applied Art Workshops, works of fine art by Estonian artists, textiles, musical instruments, records, ready-made clothes, alcoholic drinks and sweets. Sale for foreign currency. Bar on floor two.

From the Soviet Union one may take out:

  • Any goods bought for convertible currency upon presentation of receipts from “Turist” or “Beriozka” foreign currency shops.
  • Goods bought for Soviet currency exchange by the USSR State Bank or its departments. All receipts should be retained.
  • Alcoholic drinks (persons over 21) a) up to 0,5 litre of vodka b) 1 litre of wine
  • 250 g of caviar.

It is forbidden to take out:

  • Articles of precious metals received as a present during your stay in the USSR.
  • Soviet money, state bonds, lottery tickets
  • Fire-arms
  • Articles to be turned over to a third party.”
-Estonian Foreign Tourism Board, Tallinn – Good Advice Comes Handy, Tallinn, 1988

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