The towns and districts of Estonia march all throught Tallinn








“The song festival day itself begins with an early morning symbolic waking play. For this purpose musicians assemble at the highest spots of the city: Toompea Hill, the spire of the Town Hall, Harju Hill… The music waking lends to a joyful colour to the whole summer day, signalling through the city. The festival torch is lit from the eternal fire on the grave of war heroes. With the fire and the most distinguished general conductors in front, the participants representing the town and districts of Estonia  march all through Tallinn. Their living stream joins youth and old ages, the modern and the traditional; and among the banners and emblems one can pick out those of music societies having a century-long history.”

– P. Põder, Laulumaa, Песенный край. Land of song. Land des Gesangs, Perioodika, Tallinn, 1985

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