Tallinn Multi-Service Centre



“Tallinn Multi-Service Centre. 5 Laikmaa Street. Open from 7 a m to 9 p m, closed on Sundays (except hairdressers’). Information Bureau, telephone: 448 400.

  • Floor One: Service Bureau Express offers the following services: sale and delivery of flowers; book binding; typing and translating; information about service establishments in Tallinn and in the whole republic. Photographic Studio.
  • Floor Two: Hairdressers’ Parlours.
  • Floor Three: Men’s Custom Tailoring Shop.
  • Floor Four: Millinery and Hatter’s Shop.
  • Floor Five: Ladies´Custom Tailoring Shop.
  • Floor Six: Repair of Household Appliances.”
– I. Rastrigin, Tallinn Handbook, Perioodika, Tallinn, 1980

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