“Mermaid” Monument



“The Kadriorg Park is now connected with the Seaside Lane. here on the seashore is the first sculpture monument erected in Kadriorg. The 16-m monument, showing an angel with a cross in his hand outstretched towards the sea, was built to the design of the Estonian architect Amandus Adamson in 1902 to commemorate the crash of Mermaid, a Russian battleship, on September 7, 1893. The granite base of the monument represents a ship crashing against underwater rocks. The names of 160 sailors who died in the crash, including four Estonians, an officer, a seaman, a cook and a carpenter, are inscribed on the low broad pillar around the monument. The monument is named after the battleship.”

– T. Tomberg, Tallinn A Tourist Guidebook, Novosti Press Agency Publishing House, 1971/1972


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