A bird’s-eye view of the city




“It may happen that in Tallinn, Järvevanna, a grey-haired old man from the fairy-tale of the same name, will come up to you and ask: “Has the town been built?” He lives in Lake Ülemiste, situated above the city, and every autumn he leaves the lake to put his question to the first person he sees. Be sure your answer is: “No, it is still being built”, otherwise the water in the lake will rise, flood the city and drown its inhabitants. On second thoughts, it is the only answer you can give, because in Tallinn you will se that the people are building a new socialist city while preserving the best creations of past centuries. And now you will find yourself on the steeple of the Oleviste Church, which gives a bird’s-eye view of the city.”

– N. Rahmanov, Tallinn, Progress Publishers, Moscow, (year unknown) (Plastic cover)

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