In the V. I. Lenin Palace of Culture and Sports




“The development of science and culture is characteristic of our life. During the recent years many festivals of culture of All-Union importance have taken place in the capital of the Estonian SRR; important cultural event have also taken place in other towns of our republic.”

– R. Pangsepp, Soviet Estonia, Eesti Raamat, Tallinn, 1985

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  • Jevgeni Nikolajev

    I was lucky to visit the place yet when it was open, with the ice rink underneath. Now it’s slowly rotting, and this makes people sad. That “palace” was once the place for many great (and important) events in Tallinn. Good times.

    • tomastallinn

      Great to hear your memories. I have never been to a bigger event inside. I really hope Tallinn will keep this venue, it’s a beautiful beast.

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