In the restaurant of the Viru Hotel



“The restaurant puts at the disposal of the hotel residents its two halls. In the grill-bar you can have a steak or chicken cooked in your presence. In the café adjoining the grill-bar you will be served fragrant coffee and pastry. Apart from the restaurants and bars on the ground and first floors, visitors can be served in the so-called Turkish bar or in the private rooms of the restaurant on the 22nd floor. The little restaurant hall on the same floor offers a splendid view of the Old Town. Restaurants close at 1 a. m. if you may opt for the music-hall (“0″ floor) which offers good dance music and a variety show until 3 a. m.”

– T. Tomberg, Photo Guide Tallinn, Planeta Publishers, Moscow, 1982 (Photograph by V. Salmre)

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