Café in “Tallin” Hotel



“In the evening, when you are relaxed returning from the beach, you should absolutely visit a café. Coffee was available in Tallinn already back in 1702, earlier than in Paris. That year, the enterprising Spanish restaurateur Alfonso Tellado Carvallido opened up the first coffee shop in Tallinn. Since then, two and a half centuries later, cafes have become such unconditioned attribute to the city, that Tallinn without them would not be Tallinn. The modern architecture and sometimes opposite the distinctive medieval, the brittle music, the intimate lighting, coffee aroma and the muffled conversations… in other words is, “Pegasus”, “Moskva”, “Tallinn”, “Old Tomas”, “Energia”  – all waiting for you”

– Intourist brochure, Tallin, 1965

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