“Welcome to the Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre!”







“The construction of the Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre is connected with the Yachting Regatta of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. The building complex was erected with the idea to be put wholly in the service of sports after the Games, and today it is a favourite place of training of both top-flight sportsmen as well as of those who have taken up sports for the sake of their health. When in the middle of September 1971 the USSR Olympic Association approved the proposal of the Executive Committee of the Moscow City Soviet to set up Moscow as a candidate for the host city of the Summer Olympic Games in 1980, the Executive Committee of the Tallinn City Soviet made a proposal to hold the yachting regatta of the Games in the Bay of Tallinn. Other candidates beside Tallinn were Leningrad, Sochi and Sevastopol. A site located at the mouth of the Pirita River was chosen for the building of the Olympic Yachting Centre. At last the day arrived: on 2 june 1980 the Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre at Pirita opened its door.

‘Welcome to the Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre!’ – These words were said to the first Olympic participants on 28 June 1980, when the Olympic Village opened its doors and the flag with the five intertwined rings was hoisted. The Tallinn Olympic Yachting Centre comprises a river harbour, a sea harbour, a yacht club together with boathouses and workshops, a press centre and the Olympic Village. The Olympic flame was traditionally lit in Greece, on 19 june 1980, that is exactly one month before the opening of the Moscow Olympic Games. The flame was brought to Moscow by stages along a nearly 5,000 kilometres long route. On 18 july a festive ceremony was held in Moscow. From Moscow to Tallinn the flame arrived by train on the morning of the next day. In Tallinn the first part of the Olympic flame relay race began at the Baltic Railway Station and ended with a festive ceremony in Town Hall Square. The runners took the torch from the Town Hall to the Olympic Centre at Pirita where during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Regatta the flame was lit by Vaiko Vooremaa, a promising young Estonian ice yachtsman. The Olympic flame burned in Pirita for ten days.”

– G. Paal, The Tallinn Olympic Centre, Perioodika, Tallinn, 1984