In the everyday life of the inhabitants of Soviet Estonia







“Sports and physical culture occupy a very important place in the everyday life of the inhabitants of Soviet Estonia. We have quite a number of renowned top sportsmen; although some of the sports events that used to be highly develop (e. g. wrestling and men’s basketball) are experiencing an ebb at the time being, there are some new events which have taken their place. The Paul Keres (1916–1975) Memorial Tournament in Tallin Chess House, 1983. Jaan Ehlvest is our young international chess champion. The female basketball team of Tartu State University is well-known throughout the Soviet Union. The cross-country race organized by the newspaper Rahva Hääl in Tallinn, 1983. A competition of windgliders.”

– R. Pangsepp, Soviet Estonia, Eesti Raamat, Tallinn, 1985