How to Behave



“The USSR is undergoing a period of the shattering old taboos and myths. You will encounter open, friendly people as well as fossilised bureaucrats here. There exists a prohibiting regulation for everything, but all things can be set right. If you are able to communicate with people and avoid bureaucrats, you have a hope of a successful trip. In Estonia – After the iron curtain has been drawn slightly apart the Estonians are a bit giddy from the west wind. It will increase the interest in you and the hospitality shown to you. You will be received like the prodigal son if only you are able to steer clear of the Scylla of Intourist and the Charybdis of Aeroflot.”

– M. Aru, L. Oll, K. Toomel, Tallinn – A Practical Guide, Revalia Publishing Ltd, Tallinn, 1990