Pikk Jalg Street is the oldest street in Tallinn



“For centuries there was only one means of access to Toompea-Pikk jalg street, which was already used by ancient Estonians and is considered to be the first street in Tallinn. At the lower end of the street there used to be a wooden gate: in place of this a gate tower was built at the end of the 14th century. The new gate was provided with a portcullis and strong doors whose pins can still be seen on it’s wall.

The gate was to protect the inhabitants of the lower town against attacks from Toompea. Few vehicles move in Pikk jalg Street today, they use Toompea Street at the southern side of Toompea. But in old times Pikk jalg is said to have been a test for coachmen and wagoners, and it’s was the task of the gate-keeper to raise his voice in warning to the people when some darling nobleman’s carriage from Toompea.”

– H. Taliste, Tallinn, Perioodika, Tallinn, 1977